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My Story

For as long as I can remember I have had the gift of clairvoyance  and clairaudience. My first memory of Spirit was at the age of eight when my Grandfather passed away in the middle of the night. He came to me immediately after passing to say goodbye. I saw him as he climbed my bunk bed ladder, then felt his embrace engulf my

entire body, I heard him say I love you and he disappeared into thin air.  Despite

my Aunt Erma being a medium and my Grandma being a believer in all things

woo-woo, I never told a soul.  I spent the next ten years hearing, seeing and

feeling spirits all the time but I got so scared I had to turned it off. It was too

much for me.  Despite turning off the medium side of me, I continued to

nurture my psychic and intuitive side with the help of my Grandma. She

would take me to psychic and mediumship events throughout Chicago

and even took me several times to Camp Chesterfield in Indiana while I was 


in my late teens and early twenties. It was there I learned about the different

types of mediums, psychics and really began my journey of metaphysical learning.  It is because of my sweet and brutally honest Grandma I developed

my psychic and intuitive abilities at such a young age. In spite of me attending Catholic schools for twelve years and attending church weekly, my Grandma

instilled an openness and acceptance of the Spirit world. She taught me not to care

what others thought of me and to just be true to myself.  I am so very blessed to have

her give me those gifts at a young age. The bond I have with her has continued with her on

the other side; I feel and hear her daily. 

grandma and erma_edited.jpg
Grandma   &   Aunt Erma

Several years ago, my mediumship gifts returned in full force and I chose to embrace them. I started taking courses to learn the best methods to help "control" Spirit and officially started my Spiritual awakening. I have been blessed to have learned from some of the best mediums around the world as well as having amazing mentors throughout my journey. Everyone is psychic and intuitive, they just do not know how to tap into it.  It's my soul's journey to help people learn how to do that.  Not everyone will be a medium, but we all have it in us to connect with our departed loved ones. With every reading I give, I try to help make that connection easier for my clients to 

achieve on their own.  I find my conversations with Spirit help me help people mend their broken heart.  I bring through only messages of love, resolution and compassion.  

Everyone deserves to feel the love of their loved ones after they have passed. It's my goal to make sure every person knows that our loved ones never truly leave us.  I hope to be a part of your journey and help you reconnect to your loved ones on the other side.

grandma wedding_edited.jpg

           If You Reach Up
As If To Touch The Floor Of Heaven
           And Try To Put Your Finger On A Star
You Will Feel The Tender Hand Of The Almighty                 
           Reach Down To Where You Are


-Dr. Graham, Spirit Guide of my sweet Grandma Helen

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